Price Matching Your Receipt

Yes price matching a receipt is possible!  What an awesome idea.  There are however conditions.  Currently only No Frills and Freshco offers this program.

How Price Matching Your Receipt Works

The conditions are as follows: The receipt you are presenting must have been issued in the last seven calendar days.  The barcode or upc for the product must match.  In order for the barcode to match it must be the same size, same flavour or scent, and the same product.  It must be a receipt from a store they normally price match.  The offer cannot be a bogo offer from another store as they do not regularly price match bogo offers.

The list of stores your No Frills and FreshCo price match should be posted in store.  I usually find this list posted by the checkout or front doors.  Generally it’s their local competitors.  This of course will vary by location. Each store has the authority to determine what local and what competitor are defined by.

Also as in any transaction whether it’s couponing, price matches, or sales price, please remember a store has the right to limit the amount per transaction. This helps to make sure we all get to partake in the deal.

As this is exclusive to No Frills and FreshCo, remember not all cashiers may be trained or have even heard of this.  If there is an issue, politely ask for a manager and discuss the issue.  This policy can be found at the bottom of the weekly flyer for both stores.  Politely point out the policy and ask that the manager honour the price match.

Price matching a receipt is a great way to avoid missing out on the sale or not getting as many as you were hoping for.

So never miss out on a deal again and enjoy price matching receipts!!