Toys R Us Saturday Events

The Toys R Us Saturday events are different every week.  It’s completely free and allows you and your child to try out some of the cool toys they sell.  There is usually no need to sign up and is on a first come first serve basis.  Times for these events can vary.  Some are earlier in the day while others are afternoon activities.  Be sure to check the times before heading out.

Every Saturday at a specific time Toys R Us does an event with a specific theme.  Some of the past themes have been Lego Ninjago, Disney Princess, Toy Story, Bey Blade,  just to name a few.  During these events, your child is able to play with toys from this theme in store and engage with other children and staff.  Often times there is a bonus gift or discount attached to these events.  Some times they even have special appearances by characters of the theme.  To check out these events and what’s coming up simply visit Toys R Us website.

As a parent I am constantly looking for free and fun things for my children to do. I love this event for a lot of reasons. One is that I get ideas of the kinds of things my kids like without having to fork out any money.  Another is that my kids have met a few great friends this way and really engage in the activities offered.

My boys have been quite fond of these Toys R Us Saturday events since we found out about them.  My youngest actually marks them on a calender and crosses off the days till he can go.  If you’re looking for a completely free event to get the kids out and blow off some steam, this is a great go to!