Cineplex 2.99 Family Movies

Who doesn’t love a good movie?  What better way to enjoy it then at a discount?   If you do check out Cineplex Family Movies.  I know for my family going to the movies is always a fun time and best of all it’s a quiet activity.

However, as we all know the movies can be quite expensive.  Never fear Cineplex Family Movies are here at a price you can enjoy and for a great cause; who could say no?

Every Saturday at 11am, Cineplex shows movies at 2.99 a ticket.  This of course is for select movies.  The entrance fee goes towards donation to WE charities and supports a great cause.  They also run this promotion all of March break most years. The movies featured are all family appropriate so no questioning if the kids can go. You can definitely go by yourself too if you choose.

Some of the past movies featured have been: Puss and boots, Spiderman far from home, shrek, Air Bud, and the Muppets.  There really is  great variety and I love that they change the movie so frequently sometimes offering more than one choice at a time.

So get out and enjoy a movie or a steal of a deal with the kids, or all alone if you prefer.

For more details including show times simply visit Cineplex Movies Website.

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