Digital Price Matching Apps

Price matching traditionally has meant lugging paper flyers with you to the store.  This isn’t the case anymore.  As with all things, technology has a solution.  With a smart phone you can take hundreds of flyers with you in the space your phone takes up.  There are 3 main digital price matching apps that we hope you will find useful.

Digital Price Matching Apps to Use

In alphabetical order they are:

Flipp this is the most commonly talked about app.  Flipp works by providing flyers based on postal code.  This allows a consumer to see the flyers closest to the postal code they enter.  Flipp also has a shopping list feature that allows you to ‘clip’ your items in one area for easier organizing at checkout.

Flyerify offers a wider variety of stores without having to change postal codes but is a little more time consuming as you cannot search by item, but rather would need to look through each flyer.  However, it does offer the favorite store feature which I really like.

Reebee is an app for price matching as well and does work based on postal code and also offers the capability of searching by product name or store. My absolute favorite feature on Reebee, and the thing I think sets them apart, is the contests they run both at Christmas and at Easter.  These have fast become a favorite of mine.

Some other things we felt were worth mentioning here:

It’s ok if you still use paper flyers.  You can absolutely price match with them and we know not everyone is fond of going digital.

If you have Wi-Fi but no data on your phone a lot of stores will accept a screenshot on your phone of the digital flyer.  Best to check with the store first though.

If you are as determined as I am to save and get the absolute best deal, I recommend having all 3 apps as they each have their own features that make them great.

Whatever your preferred method, we wish you many savings with these digital price matching apps!!