Win With Becel

Over 1 million dollars in prizes to be won with the Becel Bake From Scratch Contest.  Enter for a chance to win with Becel . Simply purchase a Becel product and text BAKE to 24680 to receive the website to submit your receipt.  Or visit the upload site directly at  Be sure to clearly circle your purchase so they will see it.  If your receipt is eligible, you will receive an email that contains a pin to be entered into their website.  Pins must be entered no later than January 17 2020.

For no purchase entry, on a plain white piece of paper write down your full name, your email address, your complete mailing address, a daytime phone number and the words “please send me a contest PIN”.  Send the pin as well as a self addressed stamped envelope to ‘The Becel Bake from Scratch & Win Contest (NP PIN request), Dept 4046, Box 9500 Lakeshore West PO, Oakville ON, L6K 0G4’.  One pin request per outer envelope.  Requests must be received before January 3rd 2020.

All receipts must be uploaded before January 3 2020.  No more then a total of 5 pins per household, individual or family for the contest regardless of how you receive the pins.

There are a total of 48,810 prizes to be won.  These include a 50,000 cheque, coupons, and gift cards.

Enter to win with Becel and Good luck!!

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