Scene Points

A Scene card is a great way to earn scene points and discounts.  It allows you to earn points on movies, clothing and restaurant purchases.  Things we do from day to day.  Why not earn a little bonus discount while doing them, right?

Scene Points can also get you instant discounts such as on snacks at the Cineplex theater.  Prices are lowered on certain combos if you are a scene member.

You can register for Scene online through their website.  There are kiosk where you can sign up and receive a temporary  scene card number at select retailers.  Scotia bank also offers a scene banking account and Visa you can link a card to.

You can earn Scene Points by swiping your card at the time of purchase.  Receive 1 point for every 3.00 at select restaurants.  Receive 125 points for every general admission or 3D movie you see.  Earn 5 points for every dollar spent on snacks and drinks at the theater.

Earn 250 bonus scene points just for signing up for the card.

Redemptions start at 500 points and you can redeem for things such as 10.00 off your meal, 10.00 off snacks and drinks, or even a free movie!

One of the things we always recommend when considering points is to ensure you are not spending extra money just to earn extra points.  This defeats the purpose of using points to help you save money.  If you would not normally participate in these activities having this card will not benefit you.

Sign up today and start saving!!