Similac Savings On Formula

Joining the Similac Club is a great way to get Similac savings on formula and information.  Just for signing up you will receive 175.00 in samples and coupons! Similac has many varieties of products. Some of the products included are: pro advanced infant formula powder,supplementation infant formula ready to feed. They even have specialized bottles and nipples. This of course is not all the types of products available. So we recommend you check out the different varieties available as you know your child best. Similac savings on formula do not stop with the first package. Throughout your child’s growth Similac will send out coupons for continued savings.

If you’re looking for great nutritional infomation on your babies growth the newsletters and emails they send out are amazing. Between helping you understand what developemental stage your child is at, and how much they should be eating Similac is there.  So why not check them out and see how they can help?

Through this program you will receive emails.  These emails contain great information regarding nutrition.  You will also receive coupons and information in the mail.  You can unsubscribe at any time from this program.

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