Price Matching Meat

Price Matching is an essential part of the savings process here in Canada. One of the most expensive items you buy is going to be meat. So it stands to reason you want to price match meat. There are not as many coupons for meat as there are for other things, so price matching is your best tool for these savings.

The first thing you need is a good sale on whatever meat you are looking to buy. Secondly, take note of the brand, (if there is one), the price per lb/kg, and the cut. These are all important as your meat price match will only work if the store sells the exact same meat. You can not PM AA beef for AAA as these are different.  Do not attempt to price match the 7.00 or 10.00 packages if they do not contain a price per lb\kg.  You can price match everything from chicken to beef to Pork.  Price matching fish and seafood is also possible. You will also need to be sure the store you shop at price matches the store you have an ad for. If they would normally price match that store then they will price match the meat.

Price Matching Meat At The Store

Once at the store, you will need to know whether price matching meat is done at the cashier or the meat department. For me, Walmart price matches at the cashier but Superstore price matches at the meat counter. Pick up your meat. Remember to make sure it is exactly the same as the ad. Take this item to be price matched. Simply cash out and you’re done.

You can also use Walmart AD Match program to price match meat. This is of course if they carry the same meat[ same brand, same cut]. Simply find an online ad to price match. You will need the link for the online ad. Follow the steps outlined in our Walmart Ad Match post.

Happy Savings