Free Prenatal Vitamins

We are truly excited about this freebie. Almost as excited as we think all you expecting mothers will be. Nutrition and proper vitamins are so important during pregnancy. Sobeys pharmacy has a program that offers pregnant women free prenatal vitamins. The program is Baby Be Healthy and is completely free. That’s not even the best part. They offer free consultations in regards to a vast array of pregnancy related issues. Some of these include:

  • Which herbals are safe for pregnant women?
  • Which medications over the counter are safe?
  • nutritional information
  • prescriptions you are taking.

In a world where prenatal care is so important we love that Sobeys is going the extra mile!! There are few things more important or more confusing than knowing what is best for your body. Especially if you are pregnant and bringing a new life into the world. Let Sobeys pharmacy help you answer all the difficult questions and sort through all the contradictory information. Pregnancy should be a time for enjoying so let Sobeys pharmacy help you take the worry out it.

So be sure to visit your local Sobeys Pharmacy and join this amazing program today to get your free prenatal vitamins!

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