Free Oxi Clean Spray

Who doesn’t love great freebies on cleaning products? We have found you another great one with this Free Oxi Clean spray!

This week Food Basics has Oxi Clean Spray on sale for 1.99. There a few different coupons that you could use for this deal. Back in November there was a tear pad coupon released 2.00 good on any Oxi Clean. There were also a couple of prints released through the Oxi Clean emails. Any of these coupons would result in free Oxi Clean Spray!!

One of the prints released was for 3.00. If you were lucky enough to get that print this deal is a money maker for you. Price match the 1.99 at Walmart. Walmart pays overage on coupons meaning you would receive the difference from the sale price.

Personally Oxi Clean stain remover is one of my favorites with three boys we sure do go through a lot. I haven’t met a stain yet that it couldn’t take out!

If you aren’t already signed up for the Oxi Clean emails you can do so HERE!

There are a lot of companies that offer great rewards for signing up for their emails. Be sure to check out some of your favorite companies for their email clubs. Also dont be afraid to reach out to companies, either by calling or emailing, to see if they offer mail out coupons.

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