Free Samples from Topbox Circle

Who doesn’t love to have their opinion heard? Bonus you get free samples from multiple brands. With free samples from Topbox Circle you are able to try and review products.

It’s really great how this all works. Companies hire Topbox Circle to distribute their samples to a certain demographic. Topbox Circle then creates a questionnaire to find out if you qualify. If you qualify you are sent the sample and asked to review it on social media. Your opinion matters to these companies. Bonus you get to try new products free of charge. For me there are some products I am not sure about. It’s nice to be able to try them without having to pay money for something I may not like. I have also found some products, I couldn’t live without now, through this free sample program.

You may not qualify for all the samples. This is because they are seeking a certain demographic. I find it’s still worth applying for all of them. There are times I have had to wait 3 opportunities or more before getting a few back to back samples. Be sure your emails correct so you get new opportunities right away.

Some previous samples included Dove, Love Planet Beauty, and perfumes.

Get started today by simply filling out the survey HERE!

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