Social Nature Samples Program

There are a lot of great ways to get free samples and have your opinion heard. We love bringing all the great freebies to you and the Social Nature samples program is no exception. Some examples of samples have been granola, Bob red mills products, and specialty nuts.

Social Nature is a web based consumer product testing site. The goal of Social Nature is to aid consumers in sampling products which have been found to be more natural based items as well as products that are more environmentally sustainable.

Upon setting up your account on the Social Nature website, you will be prompted to complete your consumer profile. After that you have the opportunity to browser through the various products that are presently being offered for trial testing by consumers. If you see a product that interests you for either yourself or a dependent or spouse, select the item, and complete the associates questionnaire. Social Nature then reviews your responses to the short questionnaire and during that time you are in queue.

At times, after you have expressed your interest in a product trial offer, you may be notified on the website that you have been placed on a wait list, this happens when there is a higher volume of consumer interest submitted for a specific product that is available for the trial sampling at that time. Social Nature will notify you via email when you have been selected and that your trial sample has been shipped to you. This is of no cost to you. All that is asked of you in return is your honest review of the product you have been sent a trial sample of. Showing your loyalty to the professional relationship between Social Nature and yourself, the consumer, will give you more opportunities to sample other items that become available.

Your honest opinion matters to Social Nature and ultimately, to the manufacturers of these more natural and more environmentally sustainable products.

As a Social Nature product tester, you also get the opportunity to help boost new emerging brands that meet the natural and environmentally sustainable initiative. Do you want to be a part of making natural product the everyday norm? If so, by signing up, you will also receive exclusive discounts ranging from 20-35% on items such as whey protein, Omega supplements for your kids, and other great items. You will find these discount within you Social Nature account.

If this interests you and you would like to discover new products that are better for you and the environment, join the #trynatural initiative by taking advantage of what Social Nature has available to you as a valuable consumer.

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