SampleSource Offers Free Items

We are always excited by this program. This program is definitely designed differently than others. Often referred to as the try before you buy program. The program only goes live 2 times a year. Meaning that you can only have samples sent out 2 times a year. However, SampleSource often sends upwards of 16 free items at a time. SampleSource offers free items and often free product coupons.

Getting started with SampleSource is easy simply visit the website HERE and click the become a member button. You will be prompted to answer a few questions. These questions will help them to determine which samples are best for you. The best part of this program in my opinion is the variety the offer in their samples. Things such as health and beauty, food, cleaning and pet samples.

As we mentioned before SampleSource goes live twice a year. This occurs once in the spring and once in the fall. About 4 weeks before it goes live SampleSource starts providing sneak peaks on it’s social media. They show the companies whose products are coming up for sample. We recommend when you start seeing these to login and make sure your account is up to date. These samples often go quite quickly. This will help to ensure you don’t miss out. It usually goes live on a Tuesday at 9am est.

Some previous samples have included granola bars, rice, cat treats, laundry products, soup, and dog treats. This is of course a very small list of what has actually been sent but will give you an idea.

SampleSource offers free items don’t miss out join HERE!

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