Free Samples from Sampler

Lots of samples are mass mailed by companies. Let’s face it not all of them are things we really actually want to try. The Free Samples from Sampler are great because you get samples you are matched to. Another great thing about sampler is the text notification. You can get notified by text when a new sample is available. Let’s face it many of us have so many emails they are easy to miss. A text is definitely a quick way to communicate.

You are required to set up an account with sampler. To do that simply visit Sampler website and click the sign up now button. You will be directed to a screen that asks for how you would like to sign up. You can choose to manually sign up or even use Facebook to sign up. once you have completed the information for your login you will be asked some questions about products you use. This will help them to determine what samples are good for you.

When samples are available that you may qualify for Sampler will send you a text. Once you login it will ask you about 4 questions to determine if this sample is right for you. If the sample is then you will be given the option to order it. Samples are mailed to your door free of charge!

It’s really just simple. You get to try an item with no cost to you. The intention if this program is simply to make people aware the product is out there in hopes you will like it and buy. There is no risk to you to try these new products and who knows you may just find some you love.

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