Kids Free Bowling all Summer

We love cheap or free activities for our kids! Who wouldn’t? Well have we got another great one for you! With this great program kids free bowling all summer long! They also have offers on pretty good deals for parents to join and do a whole family activity!

Did you knowing bowling can help build 134 muscles in the human body. It can also burn up to 200 calories an hour depending on the weight of the ball. Consider not only that this activity is free to your children but also the immense health benefit to being active!

I sign my kids up every summer and it’s been so much for them. We also get the family plan but not without waiting for the codes for a discount of course.

Kids Bowl Free registration is now open for the summer of 2020. Make sure to check it out and get registered as early as possible to avoid missing out! Also be sure to check that it is offered at a bowling alley near you as not all bowling alleys participate. Kids receive 2 free games per day. This promotion is offered between June 30 and September 2nd this year.

To sign up for kids free bowling all summer  click HERE!

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