March Break Free Play at Toys R Us

Kids love to play and what better way than for free? There are a lot of free things to do over March break and we have another great one for you! Toys R Us is running multiple activities over the March break. One pretty much each day! Dont miss out on this great March Break free play at Toys R Us

The great part for this one is they have different dates for each province, as you have different dates for breaks. This means all kids will get to try this out! Be sure to check that your location is participating.

Events are offered Monday to Friday 1-3pm. The only one requiring registration is the Beyblade event. The rest are done on a first come first serve basis. Just to add to how cool this event is there are 5.00 gift cards being handed out to parents of children participating in the events.

The events include a Beyblade competition, making a key chain, arts and crafts, Orb play and a Star Wars Jedi experience. Each day is a different activity. With all that variety there is bound to be something for your little one!

To pre register for Beyblades or check out the other March Break Free Play at Toys R Us Check them out HERE!

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