Shopper Army Review Program

Shopper Army Review program is one we are excited to bring you!!

How To Get Started

Shopper Army has consumers providing first person reviews on products that the manufacturers are seeking public opinions on. These reviews are gathered through surveys and product testing.

To start you will complete a few screening questions which determine if you meet the dynamics set out by the manufacturer for the testing group.

What happens once you register?

Upon completing those if you are eligible you are either mailed the product or sent information to purchase yourself.

You then test the product out. Be sure to ensure that you take note of how your experience goes. After trying the product out a few times you will return to your mission dashboard. Once in the dashboard you will complete the related survey evaluation on the product you have.

If you bought the item you are given compensation after your review has been processed. For free products that have been mailed to you additional compensation is not given. However, it is highly encouraged that you complete these missions on time as they do expire. If you do not complete the missions in the time frame provided, or you do not provide any update in the survey questionnaire, you will risk your good standings with Shoppers Army. If you lose your good standing that may result in less missions being offered to you.

What Kind of Products do They Offer to test?

Shopper Army has a wide variety of missions. There are products such as diapers, cleaners, food products and makeup. This is perhaps one of the most diverse offerings of products through a review program. The rewards also vary by mission. This is a great way to make your opinion count and profit you at the same time.

If Shopper Army Review Program sounds interesting and like something you would like to try why not check it out HERE!

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