Air Miles Reward Card

Air Miles Reward Card is an awesome addition to your arsenal of savings. Like most other things though there are some things you should know to make it better. As always we want to help you navigate them. You should never be overspending to earn points or rewards from any program.

Reward Options

When you first get your Air Miles reward card you need to decide if you are saving points for items in the dream miles category or for spending in the cash miles. You can change later if you change your mind. You can also do a combination of both.

Dream Miles

Dream miles allow you to get rewards such as Air fryers, head phones, kitchen mixers and FitBits. They take quite a few reward miles. For some this is an option they prefer to earn higher ticket items.

Cash Miles

Cash miles allow to convert points to dollar amounts off of purchases where Air miles are accepted. Stores like Sobeys or Shell. You can also trade them in for evouchers that can be used for things such as door dash, uber eats, Hudson bay and so many more.

Whatever option you choose you want to get the most points for the least money spent. Let us take you through a few great features.

Earning Points

You can earn 1 Airmile for every 20 dollars spent. 95 Cash miles is equivalent to 10.00. At that rate you won’t be redeeming anytime soon. We have a few special features and promotions however that will have you earning in no time.

Special promotions

If you look for special Air miles promotions such as blue friday at Sobey’s you can see the add up much quicker. Blue Friday is where they offer 95 Air miles for a certain amount of one item purchased. For instance last week it was buy 9 lays chip get 95 Air Miles. I purchased the chips. I also used coupons to reduce the out of pocket expense as well as a 5.00 off promo from Sobey’s and made my 95 Air miles with very little actual monetary cost to me. The chips were also on sale. It should be noted it is not a good idea to over spend to earn points. Had these been cheaper by buying elsewhere I would not have purchased them just for the points.

Shop the block is another promotion where you can earn some great points. Air Miles lists its participating vendors and what items are part of the promotion often offering points in the hundreds for buying things you already do. I found this promotion better when the LCBO was part of it. However it can be beneficial to look at what they are offering.

Sobeys and Metro both offer ‘extra’ store Air Miles bonuses in their apps. I check these each week. Metro does a deal most weeks for Airmiles card holders where they offer a discount on an item. You do need to enter your Air Miles number in the app to get these.

We never recommend credit cards to earn points. We would however be missing a portion of the program if we did not tell you Air miles credit card holders do receive extra points on their purchases.

Flights and travel can earn you points as well. Be sure to double check on your next trip that you are not overlooking any great points opportunities!!!

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