Two things we absolutely love for saving money are freebies and planning!! With these great free calendars for year 2022 you can have both in one!!!

We know that with covid and technology planners and calendars really seem like a thing of the past. For people like me who love to see things on paper these offers are really helpful. So we wanted to share how we get free ones every year. Also these usually contain some great recipes or photos which of course is an added bonus!

Dairy Farmers Calendar

Every year I definitely get mine. Usually the Dairy Farmers calendar is the first one to release and if you’re in our Facebook group you saw that we posted this back in October. For those of you who are not you can grab your printable HERE! If you’re in Ontario you can have a physical copy sent to you by clicking HERE. If you’re in Alberta you can find your calendar HERE. For those of you in Manitoba you can find yours HERE. These one do contain some great recipes!!

Canadian Wildlife Calendar

The next one to release is usually the Canadian Wildlife Calendar. This calendar contains some amazingly beautiful pictures of wildlife. This one is an absolute must for me every year! If you’re in our Facebook group you also saw we posted this one in the beginning in November. If you’re not and are looking to score one you can find yours HERE.

Chapmans Calendar

The last one we want to share today and by far not the least amazing offer is the Chapmans Calendar! We love Chapmans for so many reasons. Some of which are the freebies they offer. Chapmans does offer a kids club as well as a 4.00 coupon each year that you can email to receive. They are also a Canadian company which appeals to us greatly. Chapmans Calendar runs slightly different from the others as you can order up to 3 for each household which we think is amazing!! If you’re interested in this freebie you can find yours HERE.

Don’t miss out on these great free calendars for year 2022!!

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