Companies to Contact for  Coupons

We have compiled a list of companies to contact for coupons in Canada. Companies who have previously mailed out coupons may not do so now.

Company coupons are one of the best ways to get to try new products. You can also get coupons you may not find by other means. It’s a great way to let a company know you enjoy their products. Some of these coupons may require printing.

By simply sending a complimentary email to a company you could end up with free product coupons, samples and money off coupons!

We have linked the contact us page to the company name. Simply click the company name to email them. You could also try messaging some through their Facebook page or other social media outlets!

Companies A to C

Acana pet food this company sent me a free coupon for a bag of cat food.

Almond Breeze usually a few 1.00 off coupons.

Amy’s Kitchen have sent coupons in varying amounts.

Aveeno This one is hit or miss.

Baby Gourmet this one is hit or miss.

Babymums these coupons vary.

Barney Butter depending on who responds to you.

Beemaid they have been known to send free product coupons.

Bicks This one is definitely hit or miss.

Blue Buffalo have sent free product coupons.

Blue Diamond you can also contact this company on Facebook. They tend to send $ off coupons.

Bob’s Red Mill this company sends 1.25 off coupons.

Bolthouse this company you can contact every 3 months to get coupons. they send out four 1.00 coupons good on any of their products.

Boreal pet food They have sent out free pet food coupons.

Brita Water filter I was sent a 10.00 off coupon.

Brew Dr. Kombucha sends out dollar off coupons.

Buddig hit or miss.

Bushes beans I was sent four 50 cent off coupons.

Caulipower this company is hit or miss.

Carbonaut great low carb option for coupons.

Celestial Seasonings They send $ off coupons and samples.

Cetaphil sends out dollar off coupons.

Chapman’s this company you can contact once a year for a 4.00 coupon good on any product.

Chobani has sent out coupons for free product in the past.

Chosen Foods this company usually sends decent coupons.

Cloverleaf they sent two 50 cent coupons good on specific products.

Coconut bliss definitely depends on who responds to you.

Colgate you can also sign up for email and receive coupons.

Covered Bridge Potato Chips can be a free product coupon or multiple dollar off ones.

Crofters Organic these drastically vary depending we guess on the rep you get.

Companies D to F

Daiya Foods this company you can email yearly and they send out 4 good on any coupons for 1.00 off.

Dare Foods they sent me a free cracker coupon. This one was hit or miss for some.

Degree have mailed fpc in the past.

Dial almost always sends 1.00 off coupons.

Diva Cup they send coupons. Sometimes a sample too.

Dole hit or miss depends really.

Dove the coupons offered vary.

Dr Bonner usually sends 50 cent coupons.
El Montery have sent 1.00 off coupons.

Enjoy Life may redirect you to online printables but have been known to mail out in the past.

Enlightened been known to send coupons.

Fresh Gourmet have previously sent out dollar off coupons.

Companies G to M

Glad depends on the person responding to your email.

Glade its hit or miss.

Gogosqueez depends completely on the person answering you.


Hains Celestial they have been known to send 1.00 off or free product coupons.

Halo Top for bogo coupons or money iff savings.

Head and Shoulders sent me a free product coupon.

Highliner usually offer $ off coupons.

Hills Science Diet definitely not as often as they used to.

Huggies depends on the rep you get.

Jack links depends on rep.

Jamieson Vitamins $ off coupons have been sent.

Jif sent out a free product coupon for their peanut butter

Johnsonville sausages they send out 2.00 off coupons.

Kicking Horse coffee have previously sent free product coupons.

Kozy shack got 50 cent off coupons for this one.

Lays chips sent out 1.00 coupons.

Litehouse dressing they send 1.00 coupons.

Love Child Organics I have not personally emailed this one but people have been getting some pretty good coupons.

Love Good Fats will send coupons for money off and sometimes samples.

Magnum Ice Cream hit or miss for sure.

Manitoba Harvest samples and coupons.

Melitta sends $ off coupons.

Method this one is usually $ off coupons.

Miss Vickies this one you will have to call so the contact page is in the link. Sent 3 $5.00 coupons.

Companies N to R

Nuts for Cheese

Ocean Spray usually sends $ off coupons

Organic Girl this one is usually dollar off coupons.

Organic Meadow multiple 1.00 coupons.

Palmolive you can also sign up for their email and receive coupons.

Pampers some receive and some are redirected to the site for printables.

Patience Fruits and Co these are dollar off coupons.

Pediasure may redirect you to join the newsletter sign up but have been known to send coupons as well.

Pink Stork sent out milk enhancer tea and other little things

Playtex Baby hit or miss for sure.

Pom varies depending on the agent who responds.

Purina this one is hit or miss sometimes they will redirect you to the printables on their site.

Queen St. Bakery this one absolutely depends on the rep.

Revlon received four 1.00 off coupons.

Rice Works has previously sent $ off coupons.

Righteous Gelato depends on the rep.

Rise Kombucha 1.00 off to free product coupons depending.

Royale will possibly redirect you to online promotions but depending on the rep they may send out coupons.

Companies S to Z

Schick sends out coupons for $ off amount.

Silk dollar off coupons.

Silver Hills Bakery coupons vary.

Skittles sometimes you will get them.

Smuckers has sent out free product coupons.

Splenda 75 cent off to free product coupons.

Sunlight sometimes you get 1.00 or 50 cents off.

Sunrise Tofu send out $ off coupons.

Sunrype sends $ off coupons.

Tampax definitely hit or miss.

Traditional Medicinals sometimes samples too.

Veet usually decent coupons.

Vichy sent me a sample.

Voortmans Cookies sends out varying amounts.

Webber Naturals can also include samples.

Welch’s fruit snacks depends on the person responding to you.

Werthers Original they send free product coupons.

Wholly Vegetable can be free product coupons.

Wonderful Pistachios often sends $ off coupons.

YelloFruit may direct you to their email list.

What are you waiting for? Email these companies to contact for coupons and get going on your couponing journey!

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