Get the Most for Your Gas Money

Gas prices are soaring and sadly there is not much we can do to stop them. After all we don’t set the prices. However, we have some great ideas to make sure you get the most for your gas money.
Points Cards
Using points cards/savings cards is a great way to either bring your cost down or stretch your dollar a little further. There are lots of points cards which one you use will depend on what you are looking to do.

Credit cards and some debit cards can be linked to gas cards to help reduce your cost immediately. Offers such as save 3 cents a liter are often offered on cards like this.

There are also points cards where you earn so many points per dollar spent or liters bought. These are free to everyone and do not require the use of a credit card. While they may not save you at the pump immediately they can help you to save over time.

Vehicle Maintenance

Starting at the tires, your vehicle maintainance can affect your gas usage. Tires too low on air and not aligned properly can cause your vehicle to burn more fuel. Having your brakes checked is important too. If your brakes are not properly working they can cause resistance which can increase your gas usage.

Making sure to get regular tune ups and keeping your filters in working order help your car run more efficiently as well. Making sure your oil is properly full and clean is also beneficial and can help.

Running a not well maintained vehicle is sort of like you trying to workout while sick. It takes more energy and definitely wears on you. Your car uses more energy to compensate for the issues.

Please refer to your vehicle manual for the correct oil type and air levels for your tires. Using incorrect oil or not filling tires properly are not just bad for gas mileage and cost but could destroy these parts as well.

When you fill up can actually matter. Filling up in the evening or early morning could actually be better as gas is denser and you get just a little more for the same money.

While Driving

One of the worst habits to have while trying to save on gas is a lead foot. The more quickly you attempt to accelerate the more gas you can consume. It is best to ease up to the speed you wish to reach.

Keeping your speed at 100km/h as opposed to 120 or 130 as some would like to travel can cut gas consumption. Not breaking hard and accelerating quickly can also help.

It’s been said the ideal speed for less consumption is 100km/h. There have been studies done that suggest by driving properly you cut consumption by upwards of 30%. The basic gist is maintain a good speed and don’t be too heavy on the accelerator.

Dont carry a larger load than you need to. You know those things for donation that have been in your trunk for 2 months get rid of them. The extra weight means the car needs to work harder to lug it.

Dont idle. Even when first starting your car keep your warm up periods short 30 seconds is all it really needs. I know a warm car is nice but so is keeping your money in your wallet.

Pricing Comparing Apps

In the age of technology why not use it to your advantage? There are a couple of apps that work on both Android and IOS systems to help you find local gas prices to compare. Now there is a useful app.

Gas Buddy is an app that allows you to price compare gas prices closest to you. It also has a trip cost calculator that is pretty cool. Everyone I know raves about this app!

Waze is an app that is meant to show you the best route for your trip. However, members do post gas prices here to help compare where gas is cheapest!

Last but not least a car with good fuel economy will help. Of course we dont recommend just going to buy a new car but if you’re in the market factoring fuel economy is definitely a bonus nowadays!

By combining all or most of these you will get the most for your gas money!

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