Free CNE Kids Pass

We love free activities for kids! The CNE can be a great way to enjoy a day in August. These free CNE kids pass will cut that expense just a little for you!

Every year the school boards are issued paper passes for a kids free entry to the CNE this year they have made them digital! I love this idea because my kids are not always the best and bringing things home. These passes are for children 13 and under and one per child can be used. To get your free pass click HERE!!

While you’re there be on the look out for some great coupons! We have seen a lot of them over the years. Maple lodge and Pepsi have had coupons here just to name a couple.

With summers official start just around the corner we would love to help you plan some free and cheap activities for your family. throughout the month of June check back for other great ideas by visiting our site HERE!!

Don’t miss out on these great free CNE kids pass!! Again you can find your kids free entry passes right HERE!!