Axe Gaming Card Promotion

We must admit this Axe Gaming Card Promotion has us quite excited!! Unilever (the manufacturer of Axe) has introduced a new promotion. You can receive a 10.00 gaming card with the purchase of 2 Axe products.

Promotion Rules

Offer open to all Canadian residents. Purchases must be between August 1 2022 and December 30 2022 or until all 3000 cards are awarded. Receipt of valid purchase of two items can be upload HERE! Trial and Travel sizes are not valid neither are gift or bonus packs. Once your entry has been validated you will receive your gaming card via the email you used. If you’re not seeing it be sure to check your spam/junk box. Value of gaming card depends on which system you are choosing it for. For the exact list of mini rules check HERE! Cards included in the promo include Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox.

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