Common Mistakes to Avoid When Extreme Couponing

We love to coupon! This should certainly come as no surprise. However, what may come as a surprise is there is for sure a right and a wrong way to do it. Some things could end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when extreme couponing.


There are a lot of ways to actually find yourself really overspending when couponing. Especially if you are unsure how things work or how to really get the best bang for your buck.

One of the biggest ways is by overstocking believe it or not. If you’re not watching best before dates and rotating your stockpile you can quickly find yourself with too much of one item and unable to get use from it. This is a waste of money.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you there are a few things you can do. Know roughly how much you will use in the period of time you want to stock for. Be sure to rotate your stock. Be sure to check the best before dates on the products you are buying. Try grabbing ones with the longer date. Store items correctly.

Another way of overspending is to try to build up your stockpile too quickly and not pay attention to price. Know you’re prices and don’t overspend just to have the extra items or to use up coupons. Sales cycles are pretty consistent. Pay attention to the sales prices and know what a good deal is. You should also be aware of what your grocery budget is and what you can afford to spend. It’s not a great deal to get 30 packs of something if you find you have no money left for gas to get to work.

Spending money unnecessarily to earn rewards points is another way many people sink themselves. It’s not a great points deal if I am spending extra for my groceries to earn them. If the best sale price for instance is 89 cents on an item and I am paying an extra 50 cents to earn points this is counter productive.

A few others are putting your coupon hauls on your credit card and carrying a balance you need to pay interest on. Counting your points both when you earn them and when you use them.

Not learning the process first

This is a big one. I have sadly seen so many people disappointed because they have tried to use coupons without understanding how.

Coupons are written in very specific ways. To maximize your ability to cut your grocery bill be sure you are reading the coupons and all the conditions before trying to use them. Not sure what the terms mean we have a whole breakdown HERE!

Not using coupons on correct products or sizing. Stores do not get reimbursed when we do this thus causing them to restrict or refuse coupons. We want to avoid this. Companies also get discouraged by this and may stop issuing product coupons.

Don’t forget to try to match your deal with other methods such as cashback apps and points offers. Obviously only doing this if it still gets you the best price.

Not checking your receipt or cash out transaction to be sure your coupons were all entered correctly. Cashiers are human and can make errors even in the best of situations.

The ultimate goal of couponing is to save money and that cant happen if you’re making these common mistakes to avoid when extreme couponing.

Groceries in Canada just like everything else seem to be on the rise. In a time where saving money and cutting expenses is more crucial than ever we want to help you.

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