Scene+ Points for Groceries

We love free points programs!! This new update to Scene+ has us quite excited!! Now you can earn Scene+ points for groceries!!

Grocery Stores offering the Scene+ Program

This program had been available in the Eastern and Western provinces and just recently came to Ontario. Scene+ is now accepted at many stores including Sobeys, Safeway, Freshco, Foodland, IGA, Lawtons and can also be used through Voila the online grocery service. In 2023 they will be adding Thrifty, Rachelle Bery, Marche Traditions IGA and a few others.

How to earn Scene+ Points at grocery store

Scene+ points were traditionally used only for really for movies and dinning establishments. This has been expanded to include the grocery points programs.

Something to note is these points will not be awarded for every dollar spent. Groceries points will be available on both personal and in store offers. This means that you will need to look for the products points are being offered on and be sure to load your personal offers each week.

You can load your offers by downloading each stores app and attaching your scene card to that app. Each stores personal offers for you will vary. For instance your offers at Freshco will differ from those at Sobeys so be sure to check both.

How do the points work?

You can earn points by loading personal offers through each stores app. You can also earn points through instore/flyer offers. 100 points equals one dollar. 1000 points is the equivalent of ten dollars. So for instance an offer of 300 points is the equivalent of three dollars back. You can redeem at ten dollars. Watching the points amount will allow you to know whether the offer is worth the purchase. Again we never recommend buying things you would not just to get the points.

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