Loadable PC Offers

We love rewards cards! They are one of the best ways to stretch your dollar! One of the best ways to earn points and receive discounts is with loadable PC offers!! We want to share with you all the amazing ways to get these.

Types of PC Optimum Offers

Pc Optimum offers many different types of points offers.

One of the types is something we refer to as an instore offers that you see in the weekly flyer these will not necessarily be seen in your account or app offers. You see these in the flyer most likely.

Another type of offer is called a personal offer. These can be found in your account or on your app. These personal offers must be loaded before shopping. You ‘load’ these offers by logging in each Thursday morning. These offers can be ‘saved’ for the following week if you don’t expect you will be purchasing that item this week.

A third type is offers you may like. These like personal offers appear in your app. The difference being these cannot be saved and are only available for the week they appear in your app.

Then you have loadable offers. These are provided through one store specific link and usually have a longer use by date.

There are also flash offers that will randomly pop up so we do recommend either signing up for their deal emails or texts at the store you most often frequent. This way you won’t miss out when these pop up

Loadable Offer Links

The type of offer we want to share with you in this post is called loadable offer. They are store specific and available to everyone. To load them simply click the link provided here and follow the instructions.
For Real Canadian Superstore offers click HERE!!
For Maxi offers click HERE!!
For No Frills offers click HERE!!
For Provigo, Valumart, Zehrs, Loblaws, your Independant and Dominion offers click HERE!!

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Dont miss out on these awesome loadable pc offers!